How To Increase Your Income

Want to increase you monthly income? Well, you have a three choices… 1. Increase the number of hours you work 2. Increase your rate of pay – hourly or salary 3. Get other people to work for you On a high level, these are the only 3 ways we can increase our income. Think about…

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What you measure improves

One of the businesses I used to own was a Fit Body Bootcamp franchise. Our goal in the business was to help our members lose body fat and get in the best shape of their lives. We had a lot of success with this goal and it was incredible to witness these physical transformations. To…

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New Fairport Harbor Indoor Water Park – Investment Opportunity?

When I started investing 20 years ago, I thought seriously about focusing my investments in the Fairport area. The reason why is because I thought the area was ripe for development. Plus, it was a lake front community with an amazing little beach. My thinking on this opportunity was obviously a little early as the…

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The “Layaway Life Plan”

The life plan most of us are taught to follow is to go to college in order to get a good job. Once we get our good job, we are taught to open up a 401k plan and save 10% of our paychecks. After 30, 40, or even 50 years of working, we’ll hopefully have…

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How to Get a Four Year College Degree for Just $20,000

College can become one of our largest expenses as parents. This expenses escalates significantly with each child we have. As an example, the tuition and board for a in-state college in our area will probably average around $20,000 a year. If our child graduates in four years, this investment will total $80,000 upon graduation. Now…

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“It vexes me greatly that you should have found me in need, and… that having to earn my living has forced me to interrupt my work and to attend to lesser matters instead of following up the work which your Lordship entrusted me.” Leonardo Da Vinci I’m reading “Leonardo’s Brain: Understanding Da Vinci’s Creative Genius”…

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Advice from “The Gambler!”

Warning this post and this video contain adult language! If you’re easily offended, please do not watch this video or read any further. Last week I participated in a conference call with a group of awesome investors from Canada. During the call, I was asked THE question I have been working on for the last…

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income property

How This 30 Year Old Setup an $8,000 Annual Raise for Life

At the end of 2014, I received an email from someone who had stumbled across this website. He asked if we could meet because he was thinking of buying his first rental property. We ended up meeting for coffee at Panera and I was really impressed by him. He was in his 30s and it…

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Buying Freedom or Building Wealth?

What is your primary goal when you invest? Or another way to ask the same question might be what are you trying to achieve with your investments? This is an important consideration because your answer(s) dictate how you should invest. Some people may respond to this question as follows: “I am trying to build my…

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Which is a better investment – the Stock Market or Real Estate?

Over the winter months, I found the 3 bedroom single-family home pictured in this article for sale in Willoughby. It was a foreclosure that was in good shape. I mentioned it to one of my clients, but he said he preferred the Wickliffe area and passed on it. So I decided to make an offer…

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