Make thy gold multiply

In the book, “The Richest Man in Babylon”, George Clason wrote…

“Gold in a purse is gratifying to own and satisfieth a miserly soul but earns nothing. The gold we may retain from our earnings is the start. The earnings it will make shall build our fortunes.”

The money we save from our earnings is the start. The money earned by our investments is what builds our fortunes. The average person has limitations on the amount of money they can save from their earnings. These limitations come from the ability to sell our time. We can only sell our time once and, sadly, the number of hours of our time we can sell is severly limited. This why it is hard to build a fortune through our work alone.

To build a fortune, we must learn to sell our money, too. We sell our money buy putting it to work in income producing assets so that it makes more money. Now when we go to work, we are getting paid twice. This is because we are getting paid for selling our time and we are also getting paid for selling our money. Over time the amount of money we can sell grows bringing us even more money to sell in the future.

George Clason continued:

“I tell you my students, a man’s wealth is not in the coins he carries in his purse; it is the income he buildeth, the golden stream that continually floweth into his purse and keepeth it always bulging. That is what every man desireth. That is what thou, each one of thee desireth; an income that cotinueth to come whether you work or travel. Behold, from my humble earnings I had begotten a hoard of golden employees, each laboring and earning more gold. As they labored for me, so their children also labored and their children’s children until great was the income from their combined efforts.”

This is a fantastic little book. You should be able to download the PDF for free at this link.


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