Need Help with a Vacancy?

Rental properties are great….until they’re vacant… and than they require a time investment to advertise, show and screen potential new tenants.

I know I’m an investor and a licensed real estate professional. I’ve been investing, managing, and helping investors with properties for over 15 years. During these 15 years, I’ve filled over 500 properties with new tenants. I have also gone through over 35 evictions and have learned a great deal about tenant selection and tenant screening. I’ll use this experience to help you find a great new tenant for your rental property.

If you have a vacant home that is ready to show, I may be able to help you fill your home quickly with a new qualified new tenant. This wouldn’t be full property management. Once the home was filled with a new tenant, you would simply manage the home on your own.

I will advertise your home; handle all calls from prospective tenants, and will show your property on your behalf. During the showings I will collect rental applications and help you screen these applicants including getting proof of income, credit checks, and checking references.

For qualified applicants I will discuss these applicants with you, as well as provide recommendations on the best families for your properties. Once we’ve selected a qualified tenant, I will also handle the lease signing and collection of the security deposit and first month’s rent.

The tenant will be instructed to mail future rent payments directly to you and you’ll take over after the new lease is signed. There is no monthly management fee, as you’ll be managing the property yourself. This should save you a great deal of money over time.

The fee for this tenant placement service is $1,000. This fee is typically covered by the security deposit collected at the time of lease signing.

The good news is no tenant placement fee is due unless I help fill your home with a qualified tenant. This means you have nothing to lose. If I don’t place a qualified tenant, you don’t owe a penny!

The only challenge is my time is limited and I’m only able to accept a few properties each month. If your property meets the following criteria, I may be able to help you fill your home with a new qualified tenant:

Areas: Euclid, South Euclid, Mayfield, Lyndhurst, and all of Lake County

Monthly Rent: The monthly rent for your home must be $800 or higher

Properties: Single-family homes with a minimum of 3 bedrooms

Section 8:  Unfortunately I’m unable to work with the Section 8 Program

If your property meets this criteria and you are interested in tenant placement service, I can be reached at 440-721-7541 or at: ro*@di****************.com

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