A Portfolio of Properties?

When I talk with new clients I typically will try to understand what their goals are with regards to their investments. Some aren’t concerned with current income and are focused more on long-term appreciation. Others aren’t worried too much about long-term appreciation and are focused more on maximizing current income. Depending on the client’s goals,…
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Buying Freedom or Building Wealth?

Instead of building wealth, I learned to buy freedom.

What is your primary goal when you invest? Or another way to ask the same question might be what are you trying to achieve with your investments? Should you buy freedom or build your wealth? This is an important consideration because your answer(s) dictate how you should invest. Some people may respond to this question…
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This “Real” Investment Provides $9,240 of Income

From time-to-time, I like to share real investments and their actual returns. I find this to be helpful because many investing examples are hypothetical and it is hard to “see” actual results. So in this article, I’m going to share an actual investment one of my clients recently made and the actual numbers. Hopefully, this…
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