Welcome to The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge!

Our actual fat loss plan is below in PDF format.

As you get started with this plan, do not get too worked up over anything you perceive as a failure. The reason why is your daily actions will compound overshadowing any perceived failure and you'll make a great deal of progress.

Let's get started!


My Fat Loss Tracking

To keep me accountable, I'm going to post updates on my progress. This is the embarrassing picture from first thing this morning (2/28/19). Notice the hair! LOL

Please note that I used this fat loss plan in 2018 to take off a lot of fat. I have gotten very sloppy with it over the last two months. I'm doing this challenge to force me to dial things in again!  :-)

My body weight, as of this morning, was 162.6 lbs on my scale. My scale is NOT accurate, as I'm probably 192.2 lbs. I'm using my scale because it should be accurate in terms of changes over the next 30-days. I don't really care about my actual weight. I'm more concerned with body fat levels.  My waist (at the belly button) is around 36 inches.

I'll be updating these results each week during our challenge.

Suggested App - Track Your Daily Fast

We'll we're a few days into our fat loss challenge! Pictured in this update is a screenshot from the Life Fasting app. This is a pretty cool app that will help you track your daily fasts. I just started using it and think we may be able to support each other with our daily fasts. Try searching for the Cashflownaire Challenge and you should be able to find me!

If you're exercising during this challenge, consider trying to do your workout once you past the first red swirly mark at the top of the circle in the picture to the right. Once you pass this point, which is usually 12-hours into your fast, you're burning body fat for energy. Exercise in this time frame will be more effective for fat loss. As an example, this morning I did a 30-minute run 14 hours into my fast.

FAT LOSS WORKOUT: I completely forgot that I posted an awesome 30-minute fat loss workout you can use with this plan! You can find it here: https://www.renegademillionaireblog.com/homeworkout.html 

Week One:

This is a short video from behind the scenes of Pumping Iron with Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's kind of cool to see how much fun they were having. We should be having fun with our fat loss challenge, too.

You can see Arnold's mindset throughout this video. It's awesome.

I'm including this for a short scene where they were all eating at a restaurant which starts around the 3:00 minute mark. If you're short on time just fast forward to this point and listen to what Arnold says about the "ordinary" people.

After seeing this I started thinking of people who ate breakfast and lunch as "ordinary" people. LOL.

These screenshots were taken from the Life Fasting Tracker App, which I love. You can see how long my daily fasts were since I started using this App. You can also measure how many  hours your body was in ketosis, which is kind of cool.

For me, the daily fast IS the important metric. This is what I want to make the priority. Not what the scale reads. This App will easily help you do this and it will give you the ability to see how we'll you're doing as compared to your fasting goals.

However, the best part of this App is that there are six others in our Cashflownaire Challenge group. We can see who is fasting and how long their fasts are each day. This is extremely helpful because you know others are fasting with you. You also become inspired by seeing how well everyone is doing. This little crew is kicking ass - and you should join us!

Get the free App and join our Cashflownaire Challenge group!

Measurements from 3/8/19

Well, we've made a little progress this week! Slow and steady wins the race.

Yes, it was the morning and my hair is out of control again. In terms of the scale, I'm only down around 1 lb since the beginning. This really doesn't bother me because I don't care about the scale. My waist measurement is down a quarter of an inch.

The night before this measurement we celebrated my daughter's 20 birthday and I had a lot of cake and ice cream!  🙂  This why I don't like to get too wrapped up in measurements. We lose sight of what's really important.

Who cares how the scale reads if you had a great week?

The important thing is to know you're making progress. You can literally feel it. As you fast, you actually feel lighter. It's hard to describe until it happens to you.

Week Two:

The screenshot above is from the Life Fasting Tracker App and I'm including it to show the compounding impact of daily fasts. Since starting this challenge, I've put myself into a fat burning mode for 110 hours (time in ketosis). Based on these numbers, we can see that my average daily fast was 19.85 hours long. All of this in only two weeks. Think about the impact after a month, or three months.

I'm sharing this for a few reasons:

1. I haven't hit my daily fasting goals over the last week. In fact, one day I didn't even fast at all because were touring college apartments with our daughter. We went out to breakfast and I just ate with everyone.

2. I have pretty much eaten whatever I've wanted during my eating window. This includes food that would typically be off limits when in "fat loss" mode.

3. Regardless of my lack in of strict control over my fasting time and food intake, I've still made progress. This progress is due to mainly to compounding small wins. The same thing is happening for you.

When we work towards a goal on a daily basis, our small wins turn into big wins as time passes. Mistakes or setbacks really don't have that much impact because of the overwhelming power of layering small wins on top of each other.

This is why we must stay focused on the small daily win without allowing ourselves to get distracted. We only pay attention to what's working and we ignore anything we perceive as a failure.

TIP: For me, I've found that early dinners make the next fasting day a little easier. This is because your eating window opens earlier in the afternoon.

Example: Dinner at 5 pm today means you can eat at 1pm tomorrow.

Measurements from 3/18/19

At noted, I wasn't as tight with my fasting window this past week. I'm making progress; however, I'm not setting any records. The important thing to keep in mind is that any day you fast more than 18 hours, you've burned fat.

You could have the most challenging day professional and still have a win for the day simply through your fasting.

I haven't stepped on a scale, so I don't know what my weight is right now. My waist is down another quarter of an inch! This measurement is more important to me than any scale reading.


Week Three:

As you can probably tell, I'm a little behind with my weekly updates. It's been a crazy month for me. I had a challenging website problem impacting several websites. I ended up devoting many hours to fix this situation, which has delayed these updates. 🙁

On top of this, we've celebrated my wife's birthday, my daughter's birthday and St. Patrick's Day. Yep,  we went to the big St. Patty's Day parade here in Cleveland, which happened into include a few adult beverages! I've enjoyed all of these celebrations without worrying too much about fat loss.

I haven't weighed myself since starting and I probably won't do it again. I'm down an inch around my waist, which means I've shed some fat. I'm just trying to make slow and steady progress towards my ideal body (David).

Check out this picture I found a while back on Twitter:

Notice how the process of sculpting is really all about "subtraction" - removing what's unnecessary. This same idea applies to other areas of our lives, including fat loss.

When most people want to lose fat, they tend to start by adding things they think are missing. This usually includes adding exercise, fat-burning supplements and new diet plans.

We started with "subtraction" through our daily fasting.

This is extremely important for you to consider and possibly apply in other areas. Start by removing what's unnecessary. You may find that you accelerate our results. If you're not happy with your fasting results, you can subtract something else - like how many carbs you're eating.

After working through the "subtraction" side, you can then start adding things such as more protein, exercise and cold exposure. And you can even be very strategic and layer many of these strategies on top of each other: fasting + low-carb + exercise + cold exposure... all at the same time.

Finally, I thought I would share my highlights from a great book I just read which follows our fat loss plan. The title is "The Power of Appetite Correction" and it's written by Bert Herring. By this stage in our fat loss plan, you've probably experienced this reduction in your appetite!

PDF - Book Highlights

Week Four:

Well, we made it through 30-days in our fat loss challenge! I've included my before and after pictures above. As you can tell, I've made some progress during our challenge.

This isn't a massive transformation; however, I didn't count one calorie. I didn't track any food and ate whatever I wanted including ice cream, cake, wine, beer and lots of peanut butter. 🙂

I also wasn't super tight on my fasting. There were many days were I only fasted for 16 hours. I did exercise five or six days a week during the challenge. This wasn't new for me, as I need exercise for my mental well-being. My exercise included 3 full-body weight training  workouts and 2 or 3 cardio days each week. I stopped weighing myself and took pictures to track my progress. As the old saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Pictures cut all the bullshit away. They show real progress.

My hope is that this is really just the beginning for you. That you choose to continue this fasting approach going forward and make it part of your life.

I didn't mention this in the initial fat loss challenge guide or in the other weekly updates, but daily fasting gives us a very important gift. This gift is...

The Joy Of Food

Somewhere in the last few decades, we've really lost sight of the joy of food.

We were told to eat 6 small meals a day. We never really experienced hunger. Because we stopped experiencing hunger, we never really appreciate what we eat.

Next we were told to track our calories so that we wouldn't overeat. Then we were told that calories didn't matter and it was all about macros: protein, carbs and fat.

All of this led us to daily tracking and "MyFitnessPal." 🙁

Food becomes another problem for us to manage. It adds stress into our lives because we're always worried about what were eating or not eating. Even worse, we beat ourselves up over what we've eaten.

How do you live a good life when you're always stressed out about food?

Living a good life comes down to eliminating and minimizing UNimportant things. Most of the stuff we've been told to do to lose weight is bullshit. And worse, these things suck the joy out of life. "I ate too many calories today. I didn't get my steps in today. Sorry, I can't have your birthday cake because I'm trying to lose weight." 🙁

Fuck that.

In fact, check out this short video from Chef's Table on Netflix:

This episode is with Dario Cecchini (watch the entire episode on Netflix if you can) and I'm including it because it highlights something extremely important about living a good life.

Food should be a celebration.
"Every day is a day of celebration."

We should truly enjoy the foods we eat.

Fasting gives this gift back to us. You've probably experienced this during the challenge, especially on those days where you were really hungry dreaming of what you'd be having for dinner.

Think about it... when was the last time you were excited about food?

Daily fasting allows us to truly enjoy our food without worrying about all the other stupid bullshit.

No more calorie counting.
No more measuring.
No more daily tracking.
No more fad diets.
No more diet cookbooks.
No more "super foods" - like Kale?

Just fast daily and enjoy your dinner. Savor every bite. Make it a celebration.

Everything else is "noise."

Everything else sucks joy out of food.

And while you're enjoying  your food, you'll know that you had a "win" for the day regardless of what you eat. You never have to feel guilty because you've earned your meal through your fasting.

And over time, your small daily wins eventually turn into a BIG win.

Questions & Suggestions:

Since starting this fat loss challenge, I've received a few emails that I thought I would share.

From Walt: I'm doing pretty good with the fasting part. Your Cashflownaire newsletter from September or October inspired me to lose some weight. I ended up experimenting with snake diet among other things and lost 23 lbs in 34 days. Unfortunately I gained about 10 lbs back over Christmas but I'm back down to 180lbs (started at 206lbs). My goal is to get a six pack.

The Snake Diet is hard core fasting. Our fat loss plan gets you to the same point at a slower pace and is designed to help you maintain this going forward. Some try hardcore fasting right off the bat and end up quitting.

From Bill: Thanks for info, Rob!  Question: I take 8-10 vitamin/mineral supplement capsules with morning light breakfast. Could/should they be taken without food on fast mornings? If not taken alone in morn, assume OK during 4-hr food time? Thanks for your thoughts, Bill

More than likely you can just wait and take everything in your eating window. You can Google the name of the "supplement & fasting" to see what research pops up. I take a few supplements in the morning without food. These haven't caused any stomach distress.

From David: Thanks for the fat-loss program. I used an almost identical one last year to lose my first 20#. When you listed exercises, you skipped the back. Kind of dangerous to work the chest and shoulders without the back. I love intermittent fasting as a tool but have a tendency to overeat during my window. So I overlap a caloric restriction with my window (maintenance - 500). This combo has been gold. 

Yikes, I forgot to include a back exercise in the plan! Good catch! Yes, include back exercises with your resistance training! Back rows, lat pull-downs, etc.

If you're fasting for 20 plus hours and not losing body fat, my suggestion would be to minimize processed foods instead of restricting calories. Basically avoid anything that comes in a box. Eat more protein (beef, chicken, fish, eggs, pork), fruit, salad and veggies.

From Matt: You mentioned in your plan that chin ups hurt your elbows.  For many years I struggled with elbow pain.  Really bad sometimes. During my most painful times I couldn’t do wide-grip chin ups, but I could do close grip pull ups (thumbs outward on the bar) without much pain. 

I suspect the one exercise causing all my trouble was dips.  Whether it was with the fixed parallel bars or ring dips my elbows always seemed to flare up after I do them.  So I cut dips out completely.  I also cut out meathead exercises like barbell bench presses and isolated movements (curls, tricep extensions, etc… ).  I don’t think David ever performed an isolated muscle movement.  Swinging a sword or slaying infidels requires compound movements.

Cool plan… Very pleased to see wine in there.

If you have any questions, you can post them in the comments below and I'll try and answer them for you! Also, please post any success you have with this plan! It will provide motivation for others who are going the challenge, too!

15 responses to “The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge”

  1. Luke Ihde says:

    Game on! Scale said 264.0 this morning, and unfortunately, I think it’s accurate. I’m 6’4″ though and was 205-210 as a swimmer in college so it’s not as bad as it sounds. Put on some muscle through the years so 215 would probably get me a nice 6-pack and 8% body fat.

    Only thing I would add to your program is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV has 0 calories so won’t break a fast). Add a few ounces to your salt water drink. Besides all the health benefits, it helps facilitate fat loss by helping your body access stored body fat. You should look into it.


    • robminton says:

      Let’s rock and roll!

      I think you’ll do very well with this challenge. I just got an email from someone who started messing around with fasting after reading about it in one of the Cashflownaire Newsletters. He said that he lost 23 lbs in 34 days. You’ll have your six-pack by summer!

  2. Carlos Samaniego says:

    Rob, looking forward to joining you on this journey. I started testing fasting back when you talked about it in the newsletter. I really enjoy fasting now. Just yesterday I did a 23 hour fast.

    Today I just ended my fast at 3:30 pm that ended a 21hr fast.

    I skip breakfast and lunch and normally eat dinner with family at 5:30pm-6pm.

    Started at 224 on January 1st, at 5.7″ I am clinically obese 🙁 My goal is to reach 165 by my 51st birthday on December 10th.

    I just weighed my self on my new scale today and here are my beginning numbers.

    5″7 Height
    210.6 lbs
    32.8% Bodyfat
    29.1% Muscle

    Let’s do this! Excited to join you on the journey.


    P.S. I just bought this scare and it’s way cool
    Check out this scale here: http://vitagoods.com/pages/tmf50
    Use code TMF50 for 60% off!

    • robminton says:

      Carlos happy to have you in the challenge! We’ll get you burning a ton of fat! Looking forward to the next few weeks! Thanks for the scale suggestion!

  3. Tom Maher says:

    Rob, Exciting news! I am reversing my Type 2 Diabetes with a combination of intermittent fasting and a Keto diet. Plus I lost 25 lbs in 6 months. This works!!!!!!!!

    But, I am up for more fat loss! So count me in. I started weight training which should really help in addition to the fasting/diet. My goal is to get my A1C below 6.0 without any meds with a carb tolerance of 60 g day.

    My problem is balancing my electrolytes, which I have been supplementing with powders but not very well.

    I will keep you updated. Great newsletters by the way. Keep up the great work!

    • robminton says:

      Congrats on your success over the last 6 months.The secret (it’s not really a secret) is to create an eating system that you can follow for the rest of your life that allows you to easily maintain your ideal body weight. It sounds like you’ve made progress in working with a system that’s perfect for you! For the electrolytes issue, look into salt water. Check out “snake juice” from the Snake Diet.

  4. Josh Schoenly says:

    Loving this challenge Rob, thanks for throwing it out there. I’ve been fasting intermittently for quite a while but not always with diligence or consistency. I’m LOVING the app for tracking and accountability, and appreciate the perspective and simplicity of making the fast the #1 priority and the rest should take care of itself…

    • robminton says:

      Josh, it certainly is inspiring to see you fasting in the App! I guess it’s our competitive nature! Thanks for doing the challenge with me!

  5. Luke Ihde says:

    Good find with that app! It’s so much easier to run a race when 1) you can see the finish line and 2) you’re trying to keep up with the guy next to you.

  6. Derek Seal says:

    Rob –

    Thanks for motivating me to start doing something – while I didn’t find the group on the fasting app until the past day or two, I have been there from the start! Down about 5 lbs from 236lbs I started at and agree that the scale isn’t the main focus but my shirts are fitting and pants are loose – a very rewarding feeling.

    A few years back I lost 70lbs with a lot of exercise, keto and eating well. Since then I have kept most of it off and my lowest weight was 220 but over time I simply got lazy and I was sick of counting carbs, etc.

    When I read this fasting plan, it was something I believed I could do and less concerned about what I eat but when I eat. Maybe I just needed a change. While I will admit there are days that I want to gnaw on my fingers but in reality it has gotten a little easier and overall this is something I could do for the rest of my life.

    All the other stories and group have been motivating. I hope others change it from a 30-day challenge to a 90-day challenge because I agree steady is to win the race and my goal is another 20-30lbs which will take about 5-6 months.

    Thanks again!

    • robminton says:

      Congrats on your success so far this month! Yes, this is really something we all continue for the rest of our lives. The hardest part is getting used to it and you’re almost through this phase!


  7. Carlos Samaniego says:

    Today is 30 days and I never felt better!

    However, If was going strictly by scale I would be depressed! I have to admit, I really did not exercise at all. Tax season got me in my office all day and evening

    I just weighed myself and I am 208, body fat was at 30%. I was really shocked. The last two weeks everyone has been saying, “.. wow you lost a lot of weight. I felt amazing, sleeping better and longer, not hungry anymore.

    Yesterday, I went to buy new pants because they were falling off. I went from size 40in waist to 36”. What the hell!

    All I can say this contest/exercise has changed me! I am looking forward to a lifetime of fasting. I have a new goal next 60day challenge for myself. (My son graduates from Naval Academy on May 26) so my goal is to get to 190! It will be the first time in 20 years since I been at that weight.

    Thanks, Rob for the inspiration.

  8. Nitya says:

    Thanks Rob!

    I’ve been fasting to some degree or another for a few years now, has helped me drop and maintain, just recently bought had started increasing my fast time on most days to around 19 hours, funny thing is you sent this newsletter, Thank You, joining your challenge group.

  9. robminton says:

    Received this email from Bill R. (check out his results!)

    Thanks for the invite Rob. I started with you on 3/1. Have stayed the course, though not using the App. Have lost 11 pounds, but more importantly 5″ off belly. Not a six-pac yet, as started with a pony-keg. Still enjoy a couple wine or cocktails in eating window. Also started working out at gym, after a very long period of “desk dormancy”; has helped a lot. Working weights/machines, and cardio, though not daily. Rob,Thanks for your sharing challenge, and the “kick-in-the butt” which inspired me. Feeling great, sleeping better, and will continue with you. Getting a full knee replacement in a couple days, so that will curtail the workouts for a while. You’ve truly motivated me, and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. Thanks Coach, Bill

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