The Cashflownaire's Guide On...

How to Increase Your Income EVERY Day Without Working More Hours & Without Borrowing A Penny! 

This NEW System will be an income compounding machine allowing you
to build a large passive income stream!

From Rob Minton
The Shores of Lake Erie

Dear Cashflownaire,

I want to help you increase your income - each and every day - for the rest of your life.

Even better...
I'm willing to give this new System to you for FREE!

But I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

This all started several years ago when I heard someone say they had a goal to get a little richer every day.

I've thought about this goal many times since hearing these words wondering if it was actually possible to get a little richer every day?

What actions would someone have to take consistently to get richer every day?

This goal makes a lot of sense and it extremely attractive; however, it isn't something that can actually be accomplished. There's no specific plan you can follow that will increase your wealth every day.

The reason why is because your wealth is based upon equity, not income.

To increase your wealth every day, the value of your assets would have to increase each and every day. And as you know, we have zero control over market values.

Wealth isn't real. Wealth only shows up on paper.  🙁

You can't eat your wealth unless you sell your assets. You can't use your wealth to pay your living expenses unless you sell your assets. You can't use your wealth to take a vacation unless you sell your assets.

If we get right down to it... chasing wealth for most people is similar to chasing fools gold because it doesn't impact your day-to-day life.

Seriously, what good is being a millionaire if you still have to work 40 hours a week?

Well, all of this changes when we make one slight change to the goal...

Increase your income every single day.

This new and improved goal is 100% within your control.

You can take specific actions - actions that I will teach you - that WILL increase your income each and every day.

The market value of your assets will fluctuate up and down but your income will be increasing daily. And when the next big crash hits, you'll actually be able to increase your income faster!

This new and improved goal can be life changing because you can eat income. You can use income to pay your living expenses and you can use income to take your family on an incredible vacation... all without having to sell any assets.

To increase your income daily, you must understand...

Income Flows From TWO Sources:

  • Your labor.
  • Income-producing assets.

Your labor is limited by the hours in the day.

To increase your income daily without working more requires you to acquire new income-producing assets.
To increase your income every single day, you MUST increase your ownership of income-producing assets every single day.

Which is exactly what my new System will show you how to do.

In my new Daily Income System, you'll learn how to buy inexpensive undervalued income-producing assets on a daily basis.

When I say inexpensive I mean inexpensive.

One asset that I purchased just this morning cost $3.02. This one asset is undervalued and it will actually provide monthly income. You can buy this exact same asset.

To buy this asset (and many other assets) I pushed a few buttons on my phone. I didn't pay any fees or commissions. I don't even have to manage these assets. They are 100% passive.

The income just magically shows up in my bank account.

My new Daily Income System isn't complicated and you can learn exactly how to set it up in about one hour. This isn't some complicated plan that you'll have to spend weeks setting it up.

You can study this plan and will actually be able increase your income today.

I've split this System into three parts:

Part One:
How to find the best undervalued
income-producing assets to buy each day

In this first part, you'll learn about what I call the "magical crossover point." The "magical crossover point" is when your assets start buying new assets for your family.

With my new System, you'll actually hit the "magical crossover point" within a month or two. The income from the assets you purchased in month one will start buying new income-producing assets.

It truly is magical because your income starts to compound.

In this first part, I'll also show you a website I uncovered that will help you find these income-producing assets in seconds. The crazy part is that this website gets updated each morning highlighting new assets you can buy for your family.

This new "secret" website has become my favorite website.

In just three months of buying assets found on this website, I have systematically increased my income each and every day.

You will too.  🙂

Part Two:
How to create money you can use
to buy new assets each day

To buy new income-producing assets every day, you will need to be able to invest somewhere around $5 to $20 a day.

Yes, that's all you'll need to increase your income every single day.

In my new Daily Income System, I'll show you a really cool way to magically "save" money without even realizing your saving. I've been using this secret saving strategy for the last year and have used to to buy hundreds of new income-producing assets.

You can use this "secret" savings you set up to increase your income.

I'll even show you how to create new money out of thin air. You can use this new money you've created to buy undervalued income-producing assets.

Hint: I'm actually using this strategy right now to create money for my daily investments!

Part Three:
How to use this System to Create an
Annual Passive Income Stream of $40,000 in
Just 10 Years

This last part of my Daily Income System will show you how to SYSTEMATICALLY create a large passive income. I'll show you exactly how to create whatever income you desire.

In fact, you'll learn how to create...

$4,380 on annual passive income in one year
$8,760 of annual passive income in two years
$13,140 of annual passive income in three years
$17,520 of annual passive income in four years
$21,900 of annual passive income in five years
$43,800 of annual passive income in ten years

The income you create will - more than likely - increase each year. This is because many of your assets will increase the income they pay you.

Let's say you use this System to create an extra $21,900 of annual income in five years. This income will continue flowing to you whether you work or don't work. Even better, you could start spending every penny of this income and it wouldn't impact your future income.

In fact, here's what you'll learn in my Daily Cashflow System:

  • The only 3 ways you can achieve financial freedom. (Page 3)
  • How to save money each month without even noticing that you're saving money! (Page 3)
  • A free phone app you can use to increase your income every day. (Page 4)
  • How you can own 1,825 new income-producing assets in just 5 years! (See Page 5)
  • How to stop consuming and start acquiring (Page 6)
  • Use this System to create a future real estate investment fund (Page 7)
  • How to profit from the next market crash (Page 8)
  • What you shoud do in every market cycle (Page 8)
  • The "magical" crossover point where your assets buy more assets for your family. (Page 9)
  • Where you can find the best income-producing assets to acquire daily. (Page 11)
  • How to turn books into income! (See Page 11)
  • Use the "Double Seven Formula" to find undervalued assets. (Page 12)
  • An income-producing asset you can buy for under $5 bucks that will pay you monthly. (Page 17)
  • Use this free tool to possibly double your money. (See Page 19)
  • How to create money you can use to buy income-producing assets! (Page 22)
  • Turn your brain into income! (See Page 24)
  • How to create $43,800 of annual income in just ten years! (See Page 32)
  • A list of undervalued income-producing assets.
  • Try this investing goal for a month.... (Page 34)

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In addition, we'll spend a lot of time working on mindset and how to overcome challenges. Truth be told, creating cashflow isn't very hard. The hard part is overcoming negative thoughts, fear and limiting beliefs.

My secret goal for the Cashflownaire goal is to help you transform into a Complete Badass.

Yes, that's right. You must become a Badass to achieve your goals and I'll give it to you straight each and every month.



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NOTE: Any reference to income and cashflow stated in this letter are not guarantees. You may not make any money with your investments. I've been investing for over 25 years and have a great deal of experience. And as you know, most people never take any action with what they learn. Your results may vary depending on many factors including: your experience, your background, your work ethic and the amount of money you have to invest. Every investment entails risk including the investments profiled in this letter and in the Cashflownaire membership. More importantly, you will have to take massive action to succeed as an investor. If you're not willing to accept this, please DO NOT JOIN THE MEMBERSHIP.