How to Get A Free College Education for Your Children

Free college. We all want it.

I’ve attended several financial aid meetings at my daughter’s high school and one of the most common question parents always ask is:

“How Can We Get More College Scholarships for Our Children?”


Parents want to know about every possible scholarship available including local and national scholarships. I don’t blame them. I want as much free money for college as possible too. The problem; however, is searching for college scholarships shifts our thinking into a scarcity mindset. Instead of seeing unlimited opportunities to pay for college, we become focused on limited opportunities. The scarcity mindset forces us into competitive mode where we’ve got to fight for every chance of a scholarship.

On a high level, college scholarships reduce our out of pocket cost for college and as Mr. Ben Franklin once said, “A penny saved is a penny earned!”

Well, we have the opportunity to get a full college scholarship for our children. This scholarship may actually provide a free college education for your child saving you lots of pennies. The good news is you don’t have to compete for this scholarship. There are no scholarship applications. There are no grade point requirements. Your child doesn’t even have to be the captain of the swim team. Nobody decides if your qualified and your child doesn’t have to go through an intense interview process!

Instead, you create your own college scholarship using rental estate.

With this unusual scholarship, you buy a nice rental property and use the income from this rental property to pay for your child’s college education. This real estate scholarship is renewable for years and you don’t have to reapply annually. The income from the real estate scholarship will flow to your child’s college each and every year saving you a significant amount of money.

More importantly, this real estate scholarship doesn’t end when your child graduates! This means you can use this real estate scholarship to help with any student loans your child might have after graduation! (Note: if your child has already graduated from college and has student debt, you can still setup this scholarship to help them offset their monthly student loan payments!) Truth be told, this real estate scholarship has the potential to provide income to your child for life.

Want to learn more about this real estate scholarship?

Grab my new book on Amazon here.

In this book, you’ll learn…

1. How to calculate your realistic out of pocket cost for college (using a sneaky free online calculator)
2. How to put your child through college and GET ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK.
3. Use real estate to help your child pay their monthly student loan payments.
4. Where to get the money for the down payment money to buy the rental property to pay for your child’s college education.
5. How to turn the real estate scholarship into an amazing gift for your child’s future.
6 How to turn the real estate scholarship into an EXTRA $500,000 to $1,000,000 for your retirement.
7. The single best wealth building tool ever created.
8. The secret to your success with the real estate scholarship.

Believe it or not, this book may actually save your family over $100,000 on the cost of your child’s college education. You’ll see how in the case study I’ve included where I show you how I used this real estate scholarship to setup a free college education for my daughter.


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